Elizabeth Hughes

Painter / illustrator / graphic designer


I love printmaking because it is an art form that makes art accessible to a broad public for a low cost. For this reason it is my medium of choice it for my "Badass Ladies" hand-bound notebooks. 

Graphic Design

The latest in an ongoing series about cultural  and historical preservation and decay.


latest work

For the past few months I have been working with 12 other artists from Munich to create a deck of Munich-themed poker cards. We will soon be starting a kickstarter campaign and we will be hosting an event to kick off the sale of the cards. 

This past year I began experimenting with the possibilities of computer-based design. My projects so far range from flyer design to calendars to self-portraits. 

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Recently I've been playing with small scale watercolors. It is my way to document the little details my move to Germany and my life here. And sometimes it's just to share a good pun. 

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