Munich Artists Playing Cards

In the early days of 2016 I approached Munich Artists with the idea for a collaborative project: a Munich-themed deck of playing cards with 54 original designs on the faces. I selected 12 other artists, working in photography, graphic design, watercolor, collage, wood print, marbling, sculpture, photomontage, ink drawing, and lithography with the sole limitation that the work had to depict their favorite places in Munich. In the end we had a deck representing the beloved, secret, beautiful, iconic, and bizarre sights of the Bavarian capital. We celebrated the production with an art happening at the Einstein Kultur in October 2016.  Below you can see my illustrations for the Jacks, as well as my design for the back of the cards. Cards may still be purchased by contacting Munich Artists, and check back for more information about the 2017/18 deck!